Fairy Tales: Origins and Evolution of Princess Stories

by Kevin Yee, August 2013

Possibly the most fun course I’ve had to date. It’s super short with only 4 weeks of content, and the lectures aren’t even that long (a couple of 5-15 minutes videos each week). But gosh, fairy tales. Can it BE more attractive?

This is also the first Canvas.net course that I do. Not sure if I’m ever going to do canvas platform again, as Coursera is obviously the more superior, but who knows, if the right course appears again.

As soon as I started working through the course there’s no stopping me. I just want to keep going back to it. The technology challenge sections were a surprise element. I even got to make and upload my first youtube video, wow. We also got introduced to a bunch of free tools / websites on the internet to remix short clip, comic strip, and poster. Like I said, a surprise element.

We’re doing Cinderella on Week 1, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty on Week 2, Rapunzel and the Frog Princess on Week 3, and Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast on Week 4. I have read all these stories in the past, but learned a few new things about different origins and authors, especially the Italian authorĀ Giambattista Basile (I’ve been somewhat familiar with Charles Perrault and the Grimms Brothers).


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